Tourlane and Planetly make dream vacations carbon neutral

Tourlane, the online travel company for tailor-made dream vacations, is a pioneer in the travel industry: All carbon emissions generated by the company and by customers on Tourlane trips are offset at no extra cost to the client. Working with Planetly, Tourlane offset 40,000 tons of carbon based on its business operations and estimated passenger numbers for 2020.

Industry: Travel
Location: Berlin, Germany
Employees: 250+
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About Tourlane
About Tourlane

Background & the goal

Founded in Berlin in 2016, Tourlane is a leading online provider of tailor-made dream vacations from Travel Experts. The company combines proprietary technology with the experience and knowledge of specialized Travel Experts to make the planning and booking of multi-day trips seamless and personal for travelers. Tourlane customers can book fully personalized itineraries to over 50 destinations worldwide.


Tourlane believes that travel is an enriching experience and wants to help ensure that the places their customers go to are left as healthy as they were on arrival. That’s why Tourlane is stepping up by taking an active role in sustainability and shrinking its footprint. They are creating an individualized and data-driven approach to offset the entirety of their company’s and their travelers’ carbon emissions. We call this going Planet Positive.

At Tourlane, we believe that travel has to be based on respect for the planet. This is why we promote responsible and sustainable tourism through eco-friendly initiatives. In the process, we eliminate our company’s and our travelers’ ecological footprint, to give back to the planet we value. For this mission we have chosen Planetly as a partner.

Julian Weselek
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Tourlane Office


Tourlane's footprint

Tourlane’s carbon footprint comprises the sum of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere by all aspects of the company’s operations. As Tourlane’s business is to create dream vacations, that footprint contains a large share of emissions from customer flights and accommodation. Although Tourlane does not directly control these emissions, their efforts towards completely eliminating carbon from their trips also include these major elements.


Back home, Tourlane’s offices consume heating energy and electricity, causing emissions of 68.6 tonnes of CO2e. The good news is that one office is already on 100% renewable energy and the company will transition all offices to 100% renewable energy by 2021. The cloud services they use to power their business is also almost emission-free: 98% of the energy is from renewable sources. And finally, business travel, employee commuting, and catering for staff contribute 505.5 tonnes of CO2e to the company footprint.


In order to reduce this number, Tourlane implemented a “more trains than planes” mantra, went vegetarian in all offices, and is considering options to reduce employee commuting and support climate-friendly home energy use.


The biggest emission sources:

39.000t CO2e

Customer trips

505,5t CO2e

Business travel, employee commute & catering

68,6t CO2e

Office heating & electricity


The results of our footprint analysis

The bulk of Tourlane’s carbon footprint is caused by customer trips. Their tailor-made itineraries include flights, hotels, cars, and trains which contribute significantly to the total carbon footprint. Tourlane already offset its estimated 2020 emissions and is working with Planetly to create real-time calculations and offsets for 2021.


Going forward, Tourlane will reduce emissions

Tourlane is serious about offsets being a temporary measure while working towards reducing company and travelers’ entire ecological footprint around the world. But for that to work, they need to know the specifics about their footprint and where different measures could make the most impact.

This is why Tourlane is partnering with Planetly in taking an individual and data-driven approach to calculation in order to increase transparency and accountability. Additionally, Tourlane is an active member of Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA), a group supporting emission reduction and demanding the government set a significantly higher carbon price. Planetly is also a proud member of LFCA.


Tourlane have offset their emissions

Tourlane was provided a wide selection of potential offsetting projects. The company chose to support offset projects in Asia, Africa, and South America with an emphasis on projects that additionally support U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for gender equality and eliminating poverty. The types of projects they chose range from cookstove replacement, biomass, wind and solar energy, to hydropower. There’s an immediacy to Tourlane’s efforts, and they’ve chosen projects that reflect a certain urgency. They are keeping an open mind, however, and aren’t eliminating the idea of alternative projects in the future.

  • Namakkal

    Namakkal Waste to Energy Project


  • Wind Mongolia

    Large-Scale Wind Project, Mongolia


  • Cook Stoves Malawi

    Improved Cook Stoves for Households in Malawi


  • Cook Stoves Uganda

    Institutional Improved Cook Stoves for Schools in Uganda


  • Wind Farm China

    Wind Farm Project, China


  • Biomass India

    Biomass Project Punjab, India


  • Clean Water Laos

    Clean Water Access for families, Laos


  • Hydro Peru

    Hydro Project, Peru


  • Want to find out more?

    Write to us if you have any questions about the procedure or if you would like to take the path to climate neutrality with Planetly yourself!

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