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Staying climate-friendly in software and IT

Your company is part of the tech industry and you develop and market software solutions or provide IT services? Then your business is producing carbon emissions from a number of sources. At Planetly, we want to work with you to determine your most important carbon emissions and help you make a contribution to a climate-neutral economy.


Also, as technology companies, we can develop a software together that automates the majority of data collection and updating as well as the tracking of reduction strategies. And we are looking forward to making a difference with you.

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Become climate-neutral quickly with the right focus

In the technology sector, the focus is on a variety of emissions sources. From office buildings and vehicle fleets to employee commuting, business travel and purchased goods and capital goods: a great amount of carbon emissions are generated on a daily basis. However, use of products and services sold should not be underestimated either. For example, if you sell software, the energy that your customers consume while using your products on an electrical device is also included in your emission balance in accordance with the GHG-Protocol standards. What’s more, the storage of data and the processing of this data in data centres also leads to energy consumption that impacts your emissions.


What may sound laborious at first is made easy by Planetly. With our software, you can analyze a large proportion of these emissions. And this is the first important step towards climate neutrality. Because creating transparency regarding your company’s internal emissions is the basis for any climate strategy.


So let’s work out together what the biggest emission drivers in your business are and define targeted emission reduction strategies that will reach your goals easily and efficiently. And then you can lead your industry in taking climate protection measures and start tracking, analysing, reducing and, in addition, offsetting the measurable emissions.

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