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Becoming carbon neutral in the retail sector

If you’re in the retail sector, you already know: In direct contact with your customers, it’s not only about marketing your products, but also about deeply understanding their climate and sustainability performance. Whether you’re a retailer or in e-commerce, your customers are expecting you to select products that you can recommend in terms of their supply chain and life cycle assessment.

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Bringing more sustainability into retail with Planetly

Calculating emissions in the retail industry can be very complex. Understanding the background to every product will take time, as – from the extraction of raw materials to their use and disposal – many emissions are generated along the entire value chain. All the more important to take this step as early as you can.


The main sources of emissions are often the life cycle and transport of your marketed products as well as the emissions already generated by the purchased goods and materials. The impact of international supply chains in particular is sometimes overlooked, as sold products may seem “local” but actually consist of materials that have been transported over long distances. Likewise, the use of the sold products can release a surprisingly large amount of greenhouse gases, as can the end-of-life treatment, i.e. the disposal or recycling of your products. Lastly, the influence of your employees should not be underestimated either: their consumption of energy in the office, their commute and the frequency, duration and destinations of their business trips contribute to the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.


What may seem labor-intensive at first is made easy with Planetly’s software. As a first step, we’ll support you in calculating your company’s carbon footprint. The transparency we’ll create in this process is the initial important step towards climate neutrality and the base for any climate strategy. Next, we’ll continue to accompany you on your path to climate neutrality, for example by supporting you in the carbon analysis of individual products. This is quite complex and does require good data, but is nevertheless already possible for us.


Finally, we’ll enable you as a company to become climate-neutral and to market climate-neutral products by purchasing carbon credits for climate protection projects. This will let you successfully differentiate yourself in the market and make an active contribution to climate protection and a more sustainable economy together with your customers.

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