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Carbon neutrality for the professional services sector

From consulting and financial services to health care or tourism, around three-quarters of all employees in Germany work in the service sector. And each of these services generates emissions. With Planetly’s software, it’s easier than ever to understand and reduce your emission sources and lead the way in building a carbon neutral economy.

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Great services, but without the footprint?

Besides the emissions that are generated in offices by the use of electrical and thermal energy, factors such as vehicle fleets and especially employees are significant sources of emissions. That includes the transport and accommodation brought on by commuting and business trips, which emit a great amount of greenhouse gases and thus impact the carbon footprint of companies in the service sector.


Furthermore, emissions released indirectly must also be considered. Your purchased products and services as well as capital goods – in short, all the things needed to provide the service – have a particularly strong impact here. Understanding exactly which elements in this mix are your biggest emission drivers is the first step towards carbon neutrality as well as a sustainable economy. So let’s identify and reduce these drivers together to put your business on the right path.


The analysis of your emissions is a first, important step. And we are ready to start right now. Because we know that having transparency regarding a company’s internal emissions is the base for any climate strategy. So let us help you now to start taking climate action measures as well as tracking, analyzing, reducing and offsetting all measurable emissions.

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