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Climate-friendly manufacturing and production

You’re a manufacturing company producing food, textiles, chemical products, machines, electronics or other goods? Then Planetly will be happy to help you take the first steps in analysing and reducing your carbon emissions. And there’s never been a better time than now. The emission reduction targets for the German industry as a whole have been set. And according to the climate action plan of the German government, greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by half compared to 1990 levels by 2030.



Reach your goals with Planetly

The official climate action plan is about to set your industry in motion. So there’s no time to waste. More and more large industrial companies are bringing transparency to their supply chain and prefer to work with environmentally friendly business partners. The earlier you analyse and reduce your carbon footprint, the sooner you can build up a decisive competitive advantage. What’s more, you can avoid potential business risks from future EU or German government targets and regulations. Planetly is ready to help you get prepared for these new times and even position yourself at the forefront of innovation.

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Your path to carbon neutrality in a few simple steps

On the path to carbon neutrality, we’ll be with you all the way. To start off, we’ll identify the main sources of your company’s carbon emissions to understand your carbon footprint. This includes the life cycle of purchased materials and goods, the energy consumption for the production as well as the emissions associated with purchased goods and sold products. We’ll also dive deep into the specifics of your sector to identify other climate-damaging greenhouse gases that are being released. These can include methane emissions in animal farming, oil and gas extraction, or landfills or nitrous oxide if you work with fertilizers in agriculture or in the chemical industry. And, of course, with the increasing electrification of transport solutions, the life cycle of batteries and the lithium used is also becoming a factor to consider as the extraction of the brine required for this is energy-intensive and causes high carbon emissions.


In addition, there is a wide range of other emission sources we’ll also want to consider – the usage of your sold products may release a large amount of greenhouse gases, similar to their end-of-life treatment, i.e. the disposal or recycling of your products. Also, the influence of employees should not be underestimated. From food and drinks in offices to commuting and business trips, all their activities have a massive impact on the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere by your company.


What may sound laborious at first is made easy by Planetly. With our software, you can analyse a large proportion of these emissions. And this is the first important step towards carbon neutrality. Because creating transparency regarding your company’s internal emissions is the basis for any climate strategy.


So let’s work out together what the biggest emission drivers in your production are and define targeted emission reduction strategies that will help you reach your goals easily and efficiently. You will be leading your industry in taking climate action by tracking, analysing, reducing and offsetting the measurable emissions. 

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