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Becoming a climate-conscious public institution

Germany is starting to push climate protection plans, passing corresponding laws and presenting plans to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. As an institution administered by the state, the federal state or the municipality, you should set a good example. With Planetly, you can not only approach this task efficiently, but also take on the role of a pioneer in becoming climate-neutral.

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Stay agile when taking on emissions

Are you ready to become a first mover? Then let’s first identify and measure the main sources of your internal emissions together. The good news here: Normally, this should not be very complex. Your main focus will probably be the emissions caused by the consumption of electrical and thermal energy in office buildings as well as the use of the company fleet. Additionally, the life cycle of purchased goods and services you need to do your job will also release greenhouse gases. These include factors such as IT equipment, office supplies or canteen food. Finally, your employees will also greatly impact your emissions by commuting or going on business trips, where the type of transport, the distance traveled and the travellers’ accommodation are the main emission sources.


If there are other sources of emissions, we will, of course, identify and analyze these as well. We will also help you with putting together suitable climate protection projects and implement the right reduction measures. We understand that – as a public institution – you are not allowed to simply spend money on offsetting your carbon footprint, but must first apply for and have it approved. That’s why we’ll accompany you at every step and advise you on whether and how climate neutrality is possible for you through the purchase of carbon credits.


What may seem labor-intensive is made easy with Planetly’s software. As a first, important step, we’ll support you in calculating your company’s carbon footprint – and we are ready to start right now. Because we know that having transparency regarding the institution’s internal emissions is the base for any climate strategy. So let us help you to start taking climate protection measures as well as tracking, analyzing, reducing and, in addition, offsetting all measurable emissions.

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