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How banks and insurances unlock their potential

Climate protection is gaining momentum in the financial industry – and there are good reasons for it. Not only are the effects of climate change becoming particularly noticeable for insurance companies as claims and loss sums connected to extreme weather events are constantly on the rise. Also, banks are facing the question which business models can still be financed in the future and generate stable returns.


By managing invested capital intelligently, the industry can lead the way in helping to build a more sustainable economy and thus reduce its own risk exposure. But on this path, banks and insurances must also take a first important step by learning to better understand and manage their own carbon footprint across the entire value chain.

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Don’t judge a carbon footprint by its cover

At first glance, the main sources of emissions for companies in the sector seem easily identifiable. The focus is clearly on the consumption of electrical and thermal energy in offices, employees who commute to work and business travelers that generate greenhouse gases through transportation and accommodation.


However, when we take another look, we discover that investments made by companies in this sector can also have a huge impact. While the insurance industry manages almost 30 trillion US dollars worldwide, banks of institutional and private investors manage many times this amount. How these funds are invested could make or break the turnaround for our economy towards carbon neutrality as they decide which type of companies – carbon neutral or not – will continue to be supported in the future.


The analysis of your footprint may only be the first step. But we are ready to take it with you today. We are looking forward to advising you on the path to carbon neutrality and further! Let Planetly help you take climate action measures immediately while we start tracking, understanding, reducing and offsetting your carbon emissions together.

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