The 5-minute carbon calculator

Get a free initial assessment of your emissions

We are often asked if we can provide a rough estimate of one’s carbon footprint.

Our answer: The Planetly 5-minute carbon calculator. With the 5-minute carbon calculator, we give you the opportunity to gain a rough estimate of your company's carbon emissions free of charge. This is especially suitable for small businesses and all those who want to gain an initial understanding of the extent of their carbon footprint.

Which analysis suits me?


The 5-minute carbon calculator

For all those who want to get a sneak peek

  • Free initial assessment in 5 minutes
  • Includes estimation of your CO2 emissions from office, travel and vehicle fleet
  • For smaller companies with up to 150 employees
  • Exclusively certified climate action projects
  • Your first step towards carbon neutrality
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Comprehensive carbon analysis

For all those who want be accurate

  • Comprehensive analysis of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for companies with more than 150 employees
  • GHG Protocol compliant und TÜV certified
  • Automated data acquisition and data integration
  • Sound reduction targets and recommendations
  • Suitable for official communication & reporting
  • Exclusively certified climate action projects
  • Carbon Neutral or Carbon Neutral+ Seal

The carbon calculator is the first step on the path towards carbon neutrality

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How does the carbon calculator work?

Based on your information, we estimate the emissions for office, travel and vehicle fleet using comparative data. If you want to analyse other aspects of your company (e.g. servers, packaging, logistics), we recommend a comprehensive carbon analysis.

Can I become a carbon neutral company with the carbon calculator?

Yes and no. The calculator's assessment gives you a first impression of your emissions but it is not accurate enough to ensure that the footprint is complete. For example, if you offset 200% of these emissions, you can assume that they are carbon neutral. However, if you want to build a carbon neutral brand or officially report your emissions, you should perform a GHG-protocol compliant analysis with our carbon management software.

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