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Planetly is your guide to become a net zero business. It all starts with the analysis of your carbon footprint.

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Analyse first to reduce your carbon footprint effectively

If you’re looking to become a carbon-neutral business, creating transparency as far as your emissions are concerned is paramount. After all, we can only effectively reduce something if we can measure how much of it is there in the first place.

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Let Planetly support you on your path to carbon neutrality

Planetly provides comprehensive support for the analysis of your carbon footprint while meeting the highest requirements of international emissions accounting standards. In the analysis process, we’ll develop the scope of your individual analysis together by defining the locations, countries and partners in the value chain whose emissions will be recorded.


After having created the concept for your analysis, our intelligent software and competent consultants will support you with your data collection. This, in turn, ensures that the data is reliable enough to deliver accurate results. Should the primary data collection prove difficult, we’ll provide you with comparative values from the industry.


In our analysis, we always follow the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Value Chain Accounting and Reporting Standards.

Why should you work with Planetly?

Because we are passionate about working towards a climate-neutral economy. Also, we’ll offer you:

High reliability and credibility through the application of internationally recognized calculation standards of the GHG Protocol

Up-to-date emissions databases for many industries and most countries worldwide

Intelligent software that supports data collection and updating

Competent consultants with many years of experience in carbon accounting

High transparency for your largest emission categories including relevant industry benchmarks

Carbon neutrality. Why now?

If you’re thinking about putting your company on the path to carbon neutrality, there’s never been a better time than now.

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  • 70%

    of employees would already prefer to work for a company with a pronounced environmental strategy.

  • 83%

    of employees currently state that they would stay longer with an employer who is committed to social and environmental concerns.

  • 70%

    of customers would already pay 5% more for environmentally-friendly products if they provided the same performance as the non-ecological alternatives.

  • 50%

    of buyers currently monitor the social and environmental standards of their suppliers.

  • 60%

    of investors say that they are divesting from companies with a lack of sustainability strategy.

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