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Circular Economy For Businesses

A Circular Way Forward: How the Circular Economy Is Affecting Business as Usual

The world is on the move towards circularity. Next to bringing environmental benefits, the circular economy can significantly drive economic growth. How can your business get there? Find out about the why, what and how of the circular economy and learn best practices from circular innovators across industries.

Digitalisation as climate saviour or climate killer

Digitalisation – Climate Saviour or Climate Killer?

Digitalisation is a double-edged sword when it comes to climate action. We will walk you through the pros and cons of digitalisation for the climate and outline effective actions you, as a company can undertake to reduce your environmental impact with the help of technology.

Carbon Neutrality for Professional Services

Why Carbon Neutrality Matters to Professional Service Companies – and How to Get There

Many companies in the professional services industry have already realised the need to act here and became carbon neutral. Your company can be next to embark on this journey. Becoming carbon neutral is more than doing your part for the environment, it is worth it for companies for a variety of reasons.

Purpose and profit can and should go hand in hand

Why Purpose and Profit Can (and Should) Go Hand in Hand

Successful businesses, including Patagonia, Unilever and Microsoft, have already shown that adding environmental and social purpose to your business model is feasible and will ultimately lead to success. Find out why a corporate purpose matters and how you can integrate it into your business operations without sacrificing profits.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Become Carbon Neutral

More and more companies take climate action and become carbon neutral – and they benefit from doing so in many ways. We have outlined 5 important reasons to help convince your company to start the journey towards carbon neutrality.

Understanding the Language of a Sustainability Manager

A growing number of companies is moving towards a sustainable path. The term “sustainability” is often associated with environmental topics although it covers many more areas. This guide will help you shed light on the different terms, standards and abbreviations that come with sustainability management.

green building

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Your Company

Many companies are already interested in implementing quick and effective measures to reduce their carbon footprint. We have prepared a checklist to help you implement the right measures to effectively reduce carbon emissions in your company.

How Can I Offset Our Carbon Footprint to Become a Carbon Neutral Company?

Have you ever come across the term carbon offsetting? Numerous businesses worldwide already offset their carbon emissions. We are going to explain what carbon offsetting actually means, how it works and how you can achieve carbon neutrality by supporting a variety of climate action projects.

How to Analyse the Carbon Footprint of Your Company

The first step on the way to a carbon neutral company is to calculate the carbon footprint of your company. Carbon accounting gives you the opportunity to set up a new KPI for the management in your company and to become a pioneer for a climate-neutral economy.

Standards and Methods for a Corporate Carbon Footprint Calculation

Carbon reporting is increasingly developing to being an essential part of non-financial reporting by companies. Various standards ensure the comparability of carbon footprints. ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol Standards are particularly relevant for carbon calculations of the corporate carbon footprint.

Corporate Carbon Footprint vs. Product Carbon Footprint: Which One to Begin With?

An increasing number of companies are pursuing ambitious carbon reduction targets towards climate neutrality. However, a systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is only possible if emission intensive hotspots can be identified and quantified. There are two approaches available to companies for this purpose: Corporate Carbon Footprint and Product Carbon Footprint.

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Carbon neutrality. Why now?

If you’re thinking about putting your company on the path to carbon neutrality, there’s never been a better time than now.

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