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We cannot manage what we do not measure. Analyze your company's carbon footprint.

  • easy data entry
  • clear emissions dashboard
  • automated evaluations


Climate change effects us all. Our software helps you take the right action. This is how you can reduce your emission.

  • science based reduction targets
  • custom made reduction roadmap
  • decision making based on data


Offset what cannot be reduced. Climate protection projects according to the highest standards and with full transparency.

  • Climate protection projects according to CCBS Gold Level
  • tailor-made project portfolios
  • transparent prices for any budget

After business intelligence comes carbon intelligence.

Benedikt von Butler, the mind behind the world's first emissions certificate


  • What does Planetly do?

    Planetly is a climate-tech company, developing a Software through which companies can calculate, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. Our mission is to make the business world carbon-neutral thereby combining purpose and profit. We decided to automate the data collection process to continuously analyze CO2 emissions to successfully reduce them on a long-term basis. We firstly offer an interface for simplified data collection to increase the transparency of CO2 emissions in the company. We also offer reduction solutions as well as a portal for the offsetting of CO2 emissions.

  • How does the footprint analysis work?

    We use various methods for the analysis. Primarily, we carry out the analysis using a digital questionnaire. The questions address different areas of the company, for example, the number of employees, offices, company vehicles, or server services. We are also continuously improving the automation of data queries. Through automated integration, we can process handle dynamic data more efficiently in the long term. After collecting the data, we process the information and create the footprint based on emission factors reliant on the industry in which the company operates. The emission factors are based on scientific knowledge, regulatory requirements, economic experience, and other sources.

  • How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

    Our software suggests tailor-made measures, based on company specific information, in order to reduce their carbon footprint. We prioritize two aspects in particular: First, the measures we create aim to exploit the highest reduction potential. Secondly, we are committed to understanding and supporting companies in their economic goals. CO2 reduction and the profitability of a company should not oppose one another, but go hand in hand. Reduction plans are therefore often conducted on individual bases and can range from simple measures, such as changing the electricity provider, to very specific measures, such as restructuring the mail order business.

  • What does "offsetting" mean and how can I offset?

    CO2 management essentially encompasses three different components: Analysis, reduction, and offsetting of the carbon footprint. Sustainable management stipulates that the priority, according to the analysis, should be the reduction of the carbon footprint. Only through this can companies reduce their emissions sustainably. Then, the part that cannot be reduced should be offset to limit the damage to the environment and the climate. Offsetting occurs by purchasing certificates that support climate projects. There are very strict regulations for climate projects, which are guaranteed by established certificates (e.g VCS, GoldStandard). These rules ensure that the purchase of certificates actually offset CO2 emissions.

Goodbye Excel - Hello Carbon Intelligence!

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